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Synergy Athletics originally started by training ONLY athletes. This year alone we have helped over 30 athletes realize their dream of playing college sports while starting our youth team outreach program. We have something for everyone.

Synergy Athletics originally started by training ONLY athletes.  This year alone we have helped over 30 athletes realize their dream of playing college sports while starting our youth team outreach program.  We have something for everyone.

What do you get with our training program?

  • Proven strength training so you know you are getting the best workouts. There are no other gyms in this area and few in the country that boast our track record with athletes. When it comes to sports, we’ve got your back. Just show up and we’ll take care of everything.
  • Needs Analysis so we aren’t just guessing or using a cookie cutter program. You’ll be evaluated and we’ll write your program based on your current strength levels and goals. It’s all about you.
  • Explosive game changing speed and strength. You’ll be ready to turn the coach’s head during the first practice and get the attention you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always work with a trainer?

Yes! A trainer will create your program before you even show up and demonstrate every exercise for you. We’ll have your workout, sets, reps, and rest periods all ready for you.

How much will this cost after the free trial?

We have three packages for you to choose from, all of which are based on how many training sessions you’d like to have per week and are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

See the pricing table below for more details…

If an average trainer is $50-$80 per session, how are you doing it so much cheaper?

It’s true that the average personal training session is 5-8 TIMES more expensive. We structure our sessions so each trainer pre-writes your program and works with an organized small group. So in addition to you, the trainer will have a few other members they are guiding at the same time.

But even though it is significantly less expensive, the small group atmosphere is motivating and actually has yielded better results! You’ll get the best of both worlds and most athletes train in groups (high school and college).

What are your hours?

Monday – Friday: 6-7 am, 9-10 am, and 3-7 pm.
Saturday: 8-10 am
Sunday: Closed

I’m in! How do I get started?

Call (607)725-7297 or email to get your free trial scheduled ASAP!

Choose the Price and Sessions that are Right for You

Basic Package


per month
  • Up to 2 training sessions per week

    30-day money back guarantee

    Access to our VIP Facebook group

    Free weekly email subscription

Total Transformation


per month
  • UNLIMITED training sessions per week

    Free access to ALL Special Classes
    (Up to $600 annual value!)

    No pre-scheduling classes, just stop by.

    + Rapid Results Package Benefits

    Pay 1 year in advance & receive the loaded Ultimate Travel Workout Sack ($150 Value)

Joe, my son flexed and I felt his arm and almost dropped over dead. His arm not only grew greatly, but it was rock hard! I was thrilled and told him the best thing he has ever done was go to your gym and work out with you.

What amazes me is that you have only worked with him 3 months. We can only imagine what gains he’ll make in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. I believe you have given his best chance for success in all his athletic endeavors.

Father | David Cinti
For anyone who coaches baseball and wants/needs to get more conditioning and strength into your practice but is just not sure how to fit it in, Joe Hashey’s routines are an awesome and easy fit. Joe has so many specific exercises that push athletes to train for power and speed. I was able to work a strength station into my practices as we rotated in stations. I wish I had this knowledge when I was a player. So simple yet incredibly effective and efficient. If you’re looking to add to your coaching repertoire, then let Joe help you get your players stronger.
Former Major League Pitcher & Varsity Baseball Coach | Joel Bennett

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