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Chaos Core Training

8 Weeks of Core Training With NO Crunches

You’ve probably picked a few ab or “core” workouts off the internet to try out. There’s 1 BIG problem. Nearly every exercise in those programs shortens your abs!

TRY THIS OUT, crunch your abs right now while seated.

Feel that? Hello terrible posture and bulging discs!

We already live much of the day in a hunched over position while sitting or driving. It makes ZERO sense to force us even further into that position while working out.

Since more and more people are having this issue, we launched our dedicated “Chaos Core Workout” program and every class had been sold out with a waiting list.

At Chaos Core, you’ll meet with our nationally-recognized trainer (featured in Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines) and train in multiple “chaotic” directions with core exercises that will actually build a complete healthy body. The workouts will be customized to your current ability level and everyone is welcome!

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Bullet Proof Back

Good Bye Back Pain

Sick of nagging back pain?!? You aren’t the only one. 80% of Americans will suffer back pain during their lifetime. Before, your choices have been limited: Deal with the pain OR go to a doctor and hope for a physical therapy referral. Then off to physical therapy and hope insurance covers some of it…

Terrible choices! Until now….Synergy has added our new “Bulletproof Back Clinic!”

Bulletproof Back will include: – A physical assessment to make sure your pain is addressed quickly. – Strengthening of the core and glutes to better support your back. – Daily breathing exercises to fix back pain. – The best stretches…and which common ones to avoid! – A weekly class on Saturday mornings

Synergy has teamed up with pro Physical Therapist Tom Janik, MPS, OCS, PS, CSCS to provide this new offer. He’s worked with hundreds of low back issues while operating his successful practice.

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3D Speed Training

Speed in Every Direction

Here’s some of what makes 3D Speed so different and so much more effective…

– 3 levels of professionally designed plyometrics that will dramatically improve athlete thrust

– Keys to a rocket-powered first step so you NEVER get beaten off the line again.

– Flowing running technique drills to make sprinting look effortless. You’ll conserve energy WHILE leaving others in the dust.

– “Absolute 8” best agility drills to leave the coach’s head spinning.

Please don’t put this off. You can see 3D Speed will be a difference maker for you or your athlete’s performance. This is open to athletes of all ages.

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After all this, if there is still even the least little doubt in your mind as to whether or not you should pick up a spot, read what we were able to do for a COLLEGE team in 1 day!

Joe made our team faster in 1 day. It was more than I ever expected.
D1 Rugby Coach
We are now using Joe’s ideas and exercises all year with our college athletes.
SUNY Cortland Football

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