At Synergy, we understand that our values influence our behavior. That’s why we took the time to develop and articulate our Five Pillars of Achievement. We live out these pillars every day in every way. In the way we train our own bodies. The way we interact with our members. The way we’ve created a culture that turned our gym into our community and our community into a family. These are the values that drive us, and enable you, to aim higher.

Synergy Five Pillars of Achievement

Pillar #1: Mindset
In fitness and in life, your body achieves what your mind believes. We’ll help you break through any mental barriers you may have to cultivate a positive mindset, and you’ll be set for success in the gym and beyond.

Pillar #2: Character
While often overlooked in today’s culture, character is more important than ever. And we strive to reinforce good character with congruent words and deeds, every day. A few years ago, we removed a member who was overheard using vulgar language around the gym. He was a great athlete, but he didn’t live up to our most important pillar. Our commitment to character creates a safe workout environment for everyone, and sets a strong example for all who are watching.

Pillar #3: Training Smart
Are you pushing through those last two reps because you’re feeling strong? Or because you’re letting your ego get the best of you? In our gym, training smart is about knowing your boundaries so you can break through them the right way. We will work with you to find your limits, so when you’re ready for more, we’ll kick it up accordingly.

Pillar #4: Eating Well
Food is your fuel. And as it happens, some slows you down faster than it propels you. Eating a balanced diet goes hand in hand with fitness; you can’t have one without the other. Our Synergy trainers will help you discern the right diet for your specific goals and guide you on your path to better health.

Pillar #5: Recovery
Two words: rest days. Just like your mind, your muscles need some downtime if you expect them to grow. Scheduling recovery times in between workouts will not only renew your energy but enable you to achieve your goals faster. We’ll figure out which days are best for your workouts as well as your resting so your body can recover adequately to achieve more.

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