The Synergy Story

Our Humble Beginnings

Synergy Athletics was founded in 2006 in a small Endicott, New York garage by lead trainer Joe Hashey. We had minimal equipment, one power rack, one bench press, one barbell and a few homemade items. That was a complete blessing in disguise! Joe had to research creative body weight training and get the most out of every square inch of gym. The early members were high school and middle school athletes, many of which stayed until college and are now realizing their dreams of playing college athletics.

Joe decided to start shooting some videos on his unique training methods. They started to spread online between gyms and as of 2014 these videos have been viewed over 9 MILLION times.  The exercises are performed in gyms around the world.

The big Move

Word of the success that Synergy Athletics members were having started to spread fast and soon the small garage gym was bursting at the seams.   Joe started scouring the area to find the perfect spot and found the home for Synergy on Hooper Road in Endwell, New York.

In 2009 the gym move and everything changed.

Many people would have gone right past this building.  After all it was the back storage room in the Weis Plaza and had no available signs out front.   However, coming from a small garage gym this place looked like paradise to Joe!  With some serious elbow grease, paint, and flooring Synergy had a new and awesome home.

The Lucky Break

Synergy now had the training knowledge and space. In 2009 the phone rang and on the other end was an award winning coach from Maine Endwell, Matt Gallagher. He needed a home for his team to train and wanted to build something special at Maine Endwell. Soon the team started training at Synergy. They were a bunch of young dreamers with strong leadership and great work ethic. Now it is amazing to look back and see their back, to back, to back well-earned state titles. This area has never seen anything like it. Soon other teams and sports from baseball to soccer and swimming started calling up Synergy. At this time the gym remained “invite only” and you had to have a connection to join.

When Everything Changed

In 2012 a parent of a Synergy athlete was suffering from high blood pressure and was worried about the future of her health. She asked if there was anything we could do for her. We opened the doors to her and within 3 months she had reached her goal weight and the doctor was able to take her off medication. She won her “state title” like we were concerned about with athletes. We emailed the parents of gym members to invite them in. Soon they were telling their friends and the Synergy adult training program “Lean X” was born. Currently, Synergy’s doors are open to everyone. Since, we have grown to well over 150 adult members with amazing success stories!

When Everything Changed... Again

Understanding their influence on Broome Country’s young athletes and families Synergy has defined its philosophy and developed the Synergy 5 Pillars of Achievement . This is what really separates Synergy from ordinary gyms. We live out these pillars every day from the way we interact with members to how we’ve developed a gym culture. In a 2010 instance one of our coaches overheard an older athlete using vulgar language around the gym. He was a great athlete…but was immediately removed. This is a very, very rare occurrence (twice ever) but we stand by our beliefs. We take swift action on our most important “character pillar” and provide a safe workout environment for everyone. Synergy has become a strong and welcoming community. You can see our trainers volunteering at Broome County youth sports, helping members out in times of need including a gym clothing drive for area flood victims and even helping out the younger athletes with their homework.  It is our honor to be a part of this community. 

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