Synergy Athletics Vestal Opens OCT 1st! [INVITE ONLY]

Send a gift of 2 FREE Weeks (a $57 value) to friends/family!

Synergy Vestal – the newest addition to bringing more and more value to the #SynergyFamily- is set to open October 1st! We are only opening 50 membership slots in the first month so we’d rather they go to people we already know and their friends.

Want to extend an exclusive invite AND 2 free weeks ($57 value) to a friend/family member?  

  1. Click on your preferred method (facebook, email, etc) on the right hand side of this page.
  2. Input their name or email.
  3. Send!

We already wrote the message for you and they’ll be sent right to a scheduling page to claim their 2 free week gift ($57 value) from you.

THANK YOU for helping the Synergy family grow strong as we reach towards our goal of helping 500 families enjoy healthier, longer lives. Simply click on the way you’d like to invite them and we’ll take care of the rest!

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