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When it comes to getting fit, everyone has their own reason why. To rock a better body on the beach To earn a better time on the track. To become a better role model for your kids. At Synergy, we’ll meet you right where you are in your fitness journey, then help you break through the physical and mental barriers that keep you from becoming your best self. Because we believe a little more healthy time on this earth is possible for everyone. And that’s our reason why.

Lean X Adult Fitness

Designed to start at your current fitness level, Lean X allows you to work with a trainer to set your own personalized fitness goals and reach them faster than you ever thought possible. If you’re ready for results, we’re ready for you.

World-Class Athlete Training

Training athletes was our foundation, and today it’s one of our greatest strengths. With a thorough ‘Synergy Needs Analysis’ to start you off right, this program builds muscle strength and enhances speed so you’ll be ready before any competition.

Youth Fun Fitness

Time flies when you’re having fun! Get the kids off the couch and into an exercise routine so enjoyable, they won’t even realize it’s good for them. With games and activities to get young bodies moving, they’ll leave happy, and healthy too.

I was one of those guys that went to a stereotypical gym in 1-2 month intervals before inevitably losing my motivation. I never thought I could enjoy going to the gym as much as I do at Synergy. I’m getting stronger, faster and loving every minute.
Lean X Client - Justin Poet

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